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Are The USA And Israel Producing Harass Until Death Technology.

I started writing this post a few months back. At the time I was calling it.

“Physical In Public Consciousness Manipulation Technologies”

I think another good way to describe it would be something like “Target and Harass until death technologies.”

Before I go on in this post. By this point I think I have educated most people about the holy and divine blood lines from which I was born. So as you continue reading I would like you to try and make the effort to put out of your mind my holy origins and nature. Just humour me for a moment.

Think about this. You give birth to a boy. Or a girl.

It’s an energetic child. As people appreciate.

I mean you rarely hear parents say “Our little Boy is as thick as Pig Shit. We are so proud.” Unless of-course they are NRL parents.

So your child is energetic. By the time they are 20 they have a bunch of Skill. By the time they are 30 they don’t feel like working in an office any more. By the time they are 33, they don’t really care to much about money. They are happy to have it but know it doesn’t mean anything. In fact they know that the very word is a reference to the moon.

Your child doesn’t stress to much because they know that if they need job, there are lots of ways they can help people. If they ever need a business there are a million Ideas they can try.

What I am trying to get your mind focused on is what is going to happen when your own children reach a place of abundance within their own being. Forget about their bank balance. Im saying what is going to happen to your children when they say “You know what. I have everything I need for me for this month. And the next month. And the next. So im not going to think about me this month. Im going to speak for someone else. Im going to speak for the future of everyone. Im brave enough to deal with the consequences of the free expression of my own thoughts and feelings.”

So what is going to happen when your children reach this place of inner abundance?

What is going to happen when your children realise that their abundance comes more quickly from their good spiritual conduct before their Corporate Hatchet Job Game?? That their abundance comes from their inner wisdom first, their attempts to work with the universe as a whole?

What if your children said. You know what. I don’t want to invest in the stock market. Mother fuck the stock market. Im going to build my wealth some other way.

I can tell you straight out what happens.

A pack of dim brained low blood jew pig cult goonies will stalk and track them around. You will be put under 24/7 GPS surveillance. Where ever you go out they will run psychological ops on you. Even just for the purpose of putting you in a bad mood. I mean these technology companies are not using their data for what they tell you.

So for your average billy goat. If they go in hard on you with this tech and you are trapped in a city. You are in a spirit box so deep, so complex so powerful that your death is a sure bet. If some fuckin he brew juice wine in the jew pig cult states of jew merica decide that they will look unfavourably on your career aspirations as a columnist.

Then they are going to hit you with this tech.

Im not going to outline everything they do in this post.

But I call it ‘Stalk and harass until death tech’

So what would the bible say. Keep in mind as any man woman or child in any nation. Cock suckers running around earth exploiting electro magnetic technology for the sake of societal manipulation have NOUT Fuck All to do with Gods word. But what does the bible say about your actual life path. Well it paints a picture of you being born into a garden paradise. I call it your second birth. The Jesus story talks of the resurrection.

But if you don’t in your personal life get good at shaking off the blue blood. If we don’t get good at punishing the tech infrastructure giants that are running this tech and say–> HEY WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING IN OUR LANDS TO OUR PEOPLE.

Then we will never see the word of the bible manifest in our lives or in our nations.

I have the coldest words to come for these technology companies.

So if you don’t feel comfortable in your city for example. Think about whats annoying you. Why cant you progress in your life? Communicate about it outwardly. I know for example the Google Corporation leak detail about my search history for the sake of political manipulation. Did you expect better of Google? But what is the deeper objective of this technology.

Closing, just imagine the dichotomy of these two different images.

Garden Paradise? Eden?

Or Tech Stalking Hell?

I know what they want.

My words toward Jewish Corporations have long passed the point of consideration and all they have left from me will be the consequence of the malicious intent they have ALREADY SHOWN towards our people.

I will be doing a lot more on this topic. I wanted to get more out about this tech earlier, it is very important our society address this topic for our nations and others dealing with these issues and corporations. I am also going to be doing some posts on the advanced mental aspects of spiritual awakening so people can use that info to govern in their own lives how to make choice of priority – material wealth or spiritual growth.

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