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Black People Feedback #1

This is a new post in a series Im calling black people feedback.

It’s feedback for people. Who is black.


In Black people feedback #1 – A story. About a black person. For your learning.

I was working in an office job once. The girl that was working beside me. Black.

She probably didn’t care too much about me. I was just another boring ageing white dude. Working In an office job.

But in the job I was trying to teach her. Stuff that is actually super valuable and profitable if you know it.

I looked at her at one point. And I was sitting there enthusiastically teaching. Ladling her out knowledge liberally.

And she was just dozing off. Didn’t care.

I didn’t say or do much. I was just like ‘Whatever’……’Black girl has better things to think about….whatever’

I went on with my day.

But I guess the feedback is this. Sometimes there are people literally trying to give you wealth. If you don’t have the right Senses or attitude. You are going to miss the people saying valuable things to you. And if you keep missing the picture maybe the truth is some of the black people protesting have already been told all of the things they need to do to bring wealth? Probably not but it is conceivable for some individuals. They resort to protest before thought.

Oh. In order To celebrate our first instalment of ‘Black People feedback’. Im going to give you bonus wisdom. Its a vision about my own life. I realised a few days ago. That the spiritual world will have communicated so much to me by the time Im dead. That I will never by any chance be able to Decode and understand it all in my life. Thats a truism of my life right now. So I think more about ‘I have to search out and find people doing good works that I can enrich myself off’ Not just ‘I need money’ – or I need a job. If you try to be a good person you will reach a point where you do have lots of people trying to communicate with you. Find and take What it is that they are saying that makes YOU wiser and stronger. Maybe you can get wealthier by paying more attention.

Black lives matter is a nice concept. I get the impression that there is more to it. I think black people would know best. But my guess that such a broad protest movement is not actually what black people need right now.

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