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Christian Men need to build large bodies of Sexual Knowledge.

Christian Sexual Knowledge
Christian Sexual Knowledge

How many men do you know that married their first Girlfriend? How many men do you know had a sexual encounter early in life that resulted in children being born?

For a lot of men they get into relationships early in life and their sexual learning may stop. Maybe after you have a few children you are encouraged to stop thinking about sex. Maybe you want to un-learn. People literally start tying knots in their body parts to stop child bearing. Thats not sexy.

So not everybody’s life leads them in a direction of sexual learning.

But there is a lot to learn.

This post isn’t intended to be sexy. It’s intended to be practical.

So I’m going to cut to the chase as to why men need to know a lot about sex.

It’s about the outcome. It’s about the end product. Apologies for productifying child birth. But yes it’s about what you create.

This gets into deep occult knowledge. Knowledge that I don’t have yet. But there is something in having children that is doing in right. There is something that is doing it wrong.

Men without deep sexual knowledge will face a range of challenges in life. Here are just some of the ways the devil may try to deceive you when it comes to your sex life.

– He will have you marry a tranny
– He will have you marry a wife that can’t have babies.
– He will have you marry a wife that doesn’t provide you with a good sex life.
– He will give you a wife that produces fake babies through IVF
– He will give you a wife whose goal is to un-centre and irritate you.

Was it King Henry that married and then re-wrote the laws of the church to escape? Why would a man do that? Probably because his wife is not making him happy. So these are issues for all men because all men seek to live happy lives.

The bible does suggest that men should expect a good sex life in marriage. So your sexual knowledge does not stop in anatomy class in high school. It actually goes on until you have something like a consciousness overlay. As my knowledge has grown It does feel like you live in a different world. Being able to go out in town and see all the gender games people play even in every day jobs. Insurance, Sport, Medical. Their will be trannies and sex games there. If your eyes are not open you will not see.

The point here is that your sexual knowledge plays a huge role in your choices before having children and it is critical that you get that right. One of the things I am decoding from movies is that the populations ignorance on sexual issues is resulting in a lot of births that might be considered un-holy. That’s what I am trying to wrap my head around with articles like this. Some births are considered Holy. Some not so much. And I don’t know what the biological indicators are. It’s like the name Karl meaning Low Born. Where does that come from? How is it known?

One example of what might be described as an un-holy birth is conditions like XY gonadal dysgenesis. Please keep in mind Im not trying to put anyone down or make anyones life harder. All Im trying to do is guide men to search for good partners and have babies just as god intended.

So that is touching on the importance of men’s sexual acumen from a medical / biological perspective.

Let’s now explore it from a biblical perspective.

“The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.” – Book of Genesis

This verse is often discussed. Nephilim are still a mystery to me. To me it sounds like beings that do not hold our same spiritual energy. Beings that can’t tap into the same spiritual insights we can. And it seems like in some cases if we mate with the wrong people then our offspring are not of the same spiritual fabric that we are created of. I don’t have heaps of answers on this stuff yet. Again thats why I am exploring it. But I can look at some beings and sense light and others and sense darkness. As can you. And one obviously wants to partner with the being of light. The wise one does at least. You would want your children to be born of the same blood. Not of blood that doesn’t resonate with the universe at the same frequency as yours. So that is where my mind is at. What is all of this occult masonic symbolism trying to tell us about who we marry and have a family with and what we should be looking for in our children to ensure they are just as we are.

Anyways, Im not going to become some great expert on the topic of sex. I really wish people would focus on someone else’s Banana. What I wanted to convey in this article is that Christians do tend to become prudish about sex because of the bible. Try having sex with a Buddhist. You’ll notice a difference in spirit. But I don’t believe that the spirit of the bible is to constrain our sex lives. It is to Guide them spiritually. Men can abstain from fornication just by being kind lovers. But as we find our partners in life we need to look into their souls and know them well. We need to scan them with our eyes to be sure they are made of the same fabric as we are. And if men slip on their sexual knowledge and make the wrong decisions yes of course it can cause pain, suffering and wasted lives. So keep your consciousness up. And understand the responsibilities of having children. It is really the greatest responsibility we have to ensure we make a contribution to the continuation of our people.

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