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COVAG, Spiritual Awakening and why your life is being turned upside down just now.

Court Of Light
Court Of Light

Sometimes I feel like the best thing to do during times of turmoil is be open and teach people what is happening. Then no one can claim disadvantage.

So at some point soon. No later, Im going to shoot a video called sensations of spiritual awakening. I have a short vid coming out soon also yall.

This post, I just wanted to tell people briefly why maybe some things that you see as normal in your life are being disrupted. So Ill start with an example and a story.

The Example, just think about that film 5th element. You know how they keep saying ‘Protect Life’ in that film. Well that should really be an innate human feeling in everything it is that you do. I Bake bread at the bakery ‘Protect life’. I am a General Practitioner ‘Protect Life’. I stock shelves at Coles ‘Protect Life’. I sell trinkets on the Interwebs ‘Protect Life’. As we stand on our own spine generally the human level of life in this realm and how to sustain it long term is supposed to be on the forefront of our brain 24/7.

So thats how a lot of folks are. Thats how a lot of doctors obviously are (Obviously with significant exceptions.).

But if their society around them forget how to do so, then the people protecting life suffer. It becomes harder for people who have practiced basic morality to progress themselves.

So A story, I have told you before there was this chap hanging around our home a few years ago. He was the kind of guys we would see every 12 months. His wife passed of cancer and went through Chemo. I was just really certain he wasn’t up to the task of protecting life around him, and thats what needed doing in my home with moms and pops. And he was super casual, slouching with a stubby at our table. Looking at me funny. So I chased him away with an axe. I think that the older generation forgot that a point comes when the youngsters take on responsibilities.

Anyways, what has happened in Australia is too many people connected money to life. How could you not with a 500,000 Mortgage? But with Masonry and occultism people also get a little funny headed. You know, Im going to put a hidden Cam in your bathroom and that is how I will defeat you. Well Maybe. But everyone is also going to find out pretty quick who is putting cams in peoples homes. And How many people want their private lives spyed on. It is a luxury people want. Privacy.

So that is what is happening, their are plenty of folks in Australia serious enough to protect life. But are they in a realm where that is prioritied?

No pure fuckery is. Football. Beef Burgers. TV Distractions. Realistically all combined in a working of consciously and purposefully designed dark occult magic. That is being held up almost as an act of war against us. By people who are selfish and stubborn headed. Impeding our lives and attempting to impede the lives of future generations.

Their are lots of folks who just don’t and haven’t cared enough.

We don’t live in isolation. Not wanting to sound like a cliche, in some mysterious way we are all connected. And when the people who don’t care don’t care for long enough. The people who care suffer. They suffer a lot. And they don’t always speak. One society segment that I think of is Nursing. But there are many that do work of caring that society is not representing significantly enough.

Our media needs to be better.
How we spend our time needs to be better.
How we spend our money needs to be better.
What we build needs to be better.
How we govern needs to be better.

Who is going to suffer are the people who haven’t demonstrated care. Until they find they are actually supporting the forces that are calling for change or care.

Anyways, when the people who
A – Care
B – Have Invested in Wisdom, Knowledge
C – Have worked hard.

The people who do care feel like they have a lot of dead weight running around. A lot of dead weight. You might see Australia having a future somewhat like America. You might have business relationships with America. I don’t think most Australians see our future too similar to America. Thats really not the vision. We have something really special in Australia.

So if you are in Australia and you are not demonstrating care, you are not trying. You are pushing Saturn. Even if you know it or not. I can jump on youtube and spot dudes in London pushing Saturn. Bad timing Dudes. Its going to feel like you are getting cut off. Thats what people are going to do. If you are pushing ignorance, those people who have tried are going to be so far away from you, probably mentally and physically that you will be on your lonesome. Eating KFC in Pakenham. Socially Distanced.

Men do have a tendency to dig in. But rest assured words like wisdom and knowledge are used in the bible. If you don’t progress in those areas through your own self directed study you will fall behind no matter what your occupation in life.

Anyways to conclude and just repeat the point. If you physically cant coordinate your being to understand what is important now to fight for. Protecting life etc. You are a weight on the rest of society. Thats what it physically feels like to the folks who have followed the bible and awakened.

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