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Digital Decree #27 – Negro Women Will Be Targeted In Deep Violent Gang Rapes At Musical Events.

It Has Been Discovered That Negro Races Internationally And Present in Our Land Are Practicing Occult Birth Suppression Against Our Races.

As One Aspect Of Our Defences Against Such Conduct, We Endeavour To Educate Our Own People On The Appropriate Treatment Of Such Races When They Are In Our Lands. The Education Will Go Towards Establishing Permanent Defences For The Continuity Of Our People. As A Consequence Of Negros Conduct In Our Land Negros Will Be Targeted In Deep Violent Rapes During Events Such As:
– Large Music Festivals
– Multi Day Music & Cultural Events
– Stage Shows In Cities
– Rap Concerts
– Mosh Pits And Crowded Areas At Musical Events

At Any Such Places, Remember Any Negro on our Lands Has No Dominion, No Rights And is Unwelcome Amongst Our People. Do To The Niggers Flesh Anything That You Wish.

At Larger Events Like Camping Festivals Negros Can Be Pack Raped.

The Primary Objectives Of The Application Of Forced Blood Rape Against Negro Races At Events In Our Lands Is.
– The Application Of Trauma To Primary Vaginal Canal To Cause Tearing And Bleeding In The Vagina.
– The Application Of Trauma To The Womb And Deeper Birthing Organs In The Vaginal Area Of The Being To Damage Or Destroy Birthing Capability.
– Additionally During Rape Violence Can Be Applied To The Clitoral Area To Traumatise The Being Away From Sexual Pleasure Or The General Enjoyment Of Sex.
– Negro Women Are Also Welcome To Be Anally Raped To Enhance The Application of Sexual Trauma.

Any Nigger That Tries To Intervene During The Rape Of Negro Women At Music Festivals Can Be Blood in With Steel.

As A Side Note Caucasians Who Do Not Wish To Sully Their Flesh Against That Of An Unholy Negro, You Are Advised To Execute On This Task With The Use Of Inanimate Objects Instead of The Flesh of Your Own Being.

The Primary Utility Of Rape Of Negros Is To Drive Beings Involved In Deep Occult Cursing Against Our People From Our Cities And Lands. Also This Utility Of Deep Violent Blood Rape Will Create Permanent Divide Between Our Races And Reduce Gravitation Of Curse Beings Toward Our Own Persons.

We Will Continue Producing Briefs And Guidance To Our Populations To Ultimately Form Defences Against Forces That Seek Our Elimination. Our Method Is To Engrain In Our Men And Women Appropriate Attitudes And Behaviours That Can Be Utilised On Races Engaged In Covert Wars Against Our People.

This Initial Brief Will Remain In Place And Will Be Utilised As A Permanent Teaching Direction Of Our People Until A Time 100% Of African Nations, And 100% Of Nations With Over 23% Negro Population (Including USA) Have Submitted To Our Nations Formal Statements Pertaining To:
– Their Beliefs On The Treatment Of Caucasian Races
– Their Beliefs On The Practice Of Occult Birth Suppression Against Caucasian People.

The Utility Of Rape Will Be Just 1 Level Of Defence Against A Black Monster That Has invaded Our Lands And Conducts Itself As Filth. Our People Will Use A Broad Diversity Of Techniques To Curtail These Vile Beings. Some Of Our Suppression Activity Against African Races Will Be Briefed And Discussed Publicly. Some Of It Will Be Occult.

Before Retracting These Orders, I Need To See:
– Our Own Nations Have Deep Conversations About The Consequences Of Negro Races Attitudes And Conduct Toward us.
– Negro Nations Have Completed The Submissions We Have Requested By Convening Amongst Themselves And Media Casting Their Views On How They Should Conduct Themselves When Amongst Caucasians In Caucasian Nations.

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