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Formal Masonic Teaching #1 – Blue Blood and Red Blood in the Human Being.

So I have done a number of Masonic Teachings on this blog and others.

Im going to start doing them as a format list. ‘Masonic Teachings’ – For things I want to solidify as formal teachings. And then I can reference them in my other work.

One of the cool things about some of these teachings is that they are no longer things that I have taken from books or movies. They are things I learning and decoding from the living world. Observing other peoples nations and cultures.

This topic I have discussed a bunch. But now I am getting to the point that I better understand it and can explain some things I have been searching for answers on.

Blue Blood:
Starting with a persons life as an example. Kipling. Most people in our culture know Kipling. A lot of people would love him. Admittedly when I glance upon his image. I have an appreciation for a man I never met or knew. But you might be interested to know. That at the point that he died. He was still considered Blue Blood. Why? We all love his work. Check the Blue Plaque on his wiki page. I would read that as a holy blue blood. There is also a copper statue of him right? So masonry in Kipling’s life didn’t make him a deep holy man. Or at least that is what England tells you. He wasn’t one of our great spiritual elders. It just moulded his clay into being the best man he could be. Kipling was probably deeply studied in occultism and masonry. That obviously drove him to being the best man he could be. It shaped him into a man that we look back on from hundreds of years past and can say ‘We appreciate what that man did for our lives’.

Blue isn’t all bad. It just means that you haven had a spiritual awakening. That’s really how I take the highest definition of Red Lodge. That you have opened you pineal gland and begun your awakening process.

So was Kipling Blue or Red? I have painted you the blue picture. Keep in mind. John Huston in The Man Who Would Be King. Describes Kipling as a ‘Genuine Correspondent for the Northern Star’.  That sounds like a phrase to describe an awakened man in my view. So this – whether you are holy or unholy, will be a point of debate during mens lives and after them.

Many People In Their Lives may never begin that phase. You don’t have to. Maybe god plans for some people to have the experience in their next life? Who knows. How many people do you know that dismiss the bible? Well what is the chance of entering a level of great spirit if you don’t even believe? Low. These people will never go beyond blue lodge just through lack of effort.

I will share one more Blue Blood Example. There was that woman, an Australian Medical Dr. I did a post on her recently she was the fistula Dr working in Ethiopia. There was a photo of her. In Ethiopia in one of the clinics standing between two women. The two women had blue / purple clothing. So they are really trying to tell you those two women are still spiritually young. How would you read the photo? The Dr is being put through that spiritual experience to try and elevate her to a higher spiritual level. They are trying to take the Dr to a higher lodge through her work experience because she is still blue blood. This woman also just like Kipling. You could debate the topic. Maybe as a medical doctor she bright enough to have had the pineal awakening. And there she is in her pure whites being challenged by the spiritually young Ethiopians. As a woman I would read her as like an old english blood family, maybe born to money. So she smart. She is clever, she can earn a good living. But the two women beside her could mean she is being challenged by her own impurity. She’s a bit of a hard nose blue blood that doesn’t have the light yet. Thats what my guess would be in this case and with a lot of doctors.

So thats the main teaching I wanted to get across in this post. Red and blue is not good and bad. You could maybe say blue square is bad blue circle is getting there? There are lots of shades in between. But red and blue is surely a big chasm in life stage, personal capability, world influence and so on.

Red Lodge:
Red Lodge is basically this. Im going to publish this as a seperate teaching, but it is when you open your pineal gland. And all I will say is. It’s a whole other world.

Anyway I will close this as our first formal teaching that I will build as a body of works that I can reference myself so that As i’m teaching concepts the teachings can get more advanced.

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