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Home Ground Advantage – For Americans Involved in Saturnian Occultism and Surveillance in Our Nations

The place where I am residing now is where I essentially grew up. I was born maybe 30 Minutes drive from here in a town famous for sugar cane, its mediocre hospital facilities and general all around drollness. When towns develop, things change. Places can get busier. There is certainly plenty of reason that people would want to live in this town.

I mean I don’t want to form the habit of quoting lines from lowly Mel Gibson Films. But this is my Forrest. I have always lived here, like my father before me.

So regardless of peoples intent.

One thing I will say I believe to be true of the history of America, and Sorry if American’s feel like balls are being broken but I believe that it is a truism that throughout history when there are movements toward social revolution and social justice, it is forces within America that Quell them. America needs to know its position amongst the worlds people is very poor. There is a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done there. Your focus on my banana is like pointing a space telescope at a lady finger.

This little minion carries a teaspoon for his green tea ceremony.

America has A Cutlery Factory, Gold, Silver and Copper smelting furnaces and an extensive space exploration industry to deal with. Thats just the tip of the Ice Berg.

It would be unwise for America to ride my D the wrong way.

So when there are folks stalking me around regardless of intent and purpose. Im going to sense it. Because this is where I grew up. When we played soccer in our front lawn as children, there we not high tech surveillance vehicles passing by.

I wish for my children to grow in nations forested of the same pure spirit of which I grew in. If you fuck it up. Im going to call you out. It may be a joke, humorous like. It may be cutting. It may be a shut down order. If your actions make me feel like there are bad influences trying to take hold in our nation I will speak.

Ive spoken of America and its Comprehensive Cutlery Collection. But in the spirit of Equality I will also say the same bad spirit of beings or corporations of any nation will result in something being said.

Remember this forrest is where I have always lived. It is being chopped down from around me. But still the same spirit exists within it and my communications are aimed at maintaining that spirit regardless of your corporate balance sheet or central intelligence objectives.

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