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How I Learned Some Extra Tricks by Watching Flicks Of Chicks With Dicks. Or…How to Tackle The Topic of transgenderism with the Christian Spirit.

This photo shows the point where the concept of transgenderism first entered my life. A classroom in Thailand. 40% of the students were gay or trans. I didn’t care. I went there 1 day a week. Taught and then spent the rest of my time rock climbing and riding motorbikes. I taught the youngsters english. Gave them their grades, marked their papers and then went home. 

But from that point on, I wanted to know. What is this thing called transgenderism? What stance should you take on it? Should you be casual about it? The choices you make on this topic are critical and how you communicate about it is critical. It really took me over 5 years to figure it out. What it was biologically. What is is socially. What is esoterically. How it is used by dark magical orders. 

You are going to have to read this point twice. Because I am going to have to write it up as “How to piss off the cults part #2”. But one of the things that really PISSED OFF the jew pig cults was my TTT Post about the Tesla Tranny Troop transporter. Since then they went to hard gang stalking. As in heavy computerised GPS Stalking. This stuff practiced on your 15yo Daughter. Would be suicide in 2 – 4 weeks. Guaranteed. 

So here is the point. When they render this transgender stuff against you. Its hilarious to them. Its the greatest jew pig joke of all time. But when you communicate truth about the issue yourself. For example, Tesla being a bunch of trannies and their tech being malicious tech working in service to the US Jew Pig Cults. They get real fuckin angry. So as soon as I published that Tesla Tranny Troop Transporter Article. Hard Stalking from Teslas. They really don’t like you calling out their shit or even being able to see and know it. You either know this stuff and how they use it. Or they exploit the shit out of you. Are you going to get the wisdom? How are you going to get the wisdom? Are you going to hang out with a bunch of gay people at gay bars?

I have learned in life the skill of not going to other people to solve my problems. Not going to other people to get answers to questions. With laptops we research every day. This skill of developing knowledge of the mind and body is key to actually staying alive on earth fullstop. The research I have done on HIV/AIDS as in reverse decoding what they are actually doing to kill people. Has made me 100x stronger in my knowledge of the human bodies function. I can actually use this wisdom to make my body stronger. 

Transgenderism is something I had to get my mind around myself. It is not something that you as a human instantly understand. Thats why they do exploit it in occult magic.

So I would ask you people. How are you going to form your views on this issue? What stance are you going to take? It’s really critical you get it right for your OWN happiness. 

Keep in mind. Just turning your back and saying. ‘You are a dirty unclean Faggot and Im nothing like you.’ Sure…Thats how a christian man might feel. But you want to get your head around the totality of the medical issues. So that you can make informed decisions. For example I was interviewing people for a role once. I had a tranny interview.  I just said your current working commitments don’t align….But what I thought was….”Im studying hermetics now….I don’t want this strange homo energy unbalancing my brain just at the moment”… So In all of your life choices you aim to say true thing.

I was a good teacher in this class. I stole the teaching styles of a dude from Yamanashi, and gave these Thai youngsters 3 months of English that was good spirited and fun. 

Im really quite comfortable with the work I have done on HIV/AIDS to date. Studying it still boosts my medical knowledge. When I say tackling this with the Christian spirit. Putting in place rationalist ways to systemically murder homos is not what god wants. If we comply with that we leave a lot of black energy on earth our self. Someone is going to have to deal with those murders some day some way. Dealing with these issues in the christian spirit, God wants us to show people the way. 

So with Transgenderism for example. If you have a male going to female. There are some employment positions where an informed christian that understands the medical implication sides of hormone use. Would just have to say NO…I can’t allow an FTM in that role. Strictly because of what inversion does to the brain. 

I bet there are a ton of Christian priests in Australia that have stories of people going from queer life styles to christian marriage. 

Practicing Care before murder is what I wish to bake into all of our medical institutions. If you look at me. My pops is a industrial worker. I have no medical background. What we should hope of all men. Is that Our medical knowledge of the human gets up to scratch so we can speak to people in wise ways on these things. It seems to me like institutionalised pre-meditated murder is the wrong path and not one I would hang my own future prosperity on. 

I will conclude by leaving you an interesting time stamp. When I wrote this post. I had no Idea Stuart Minion Represented me. So what does that prove. Minions is full of mockery about me studying transgenderism on a lap top. It proves that men that consume sexual knowledge do so for positive outcomes. We need to know these things, not just at a surface level. In depth. So that we can make the right decisions on them. As a man don’t just say….”Dirty Faggots”…..You want to be able to see over and above them….even to the point you can understand what drives them to homosexuality. Thats to the point of being at the mental strength of a priest. God would expect that of he priests. 

Thats it guys, Ill finish here. Don’t let yourself fail on the knowledge piece. Mockery is not worth much. The mind value of being able to see these things play out through all our society. Priceless. Get your knowledge up above the cults and give them hell. They have a lot coming and they deserve it all. Im going to cal it something like ‘Sexual Wisdom Equality’. It will come for everyone at their own time in life. In this photo I was maybe late 20s. I didn’t give a shit about transgenderism before this. But then seeing the culture in Thailand and then in Australia. You learn its also about a culture of dark occult abuse mainly in transgenderism. If you watch the mummy film with Tom Cruise….thats kinds of what they are trying to teach you. The templars broke into Egypt and stole all of their cult magic. Transgenderism is one of those dark magic pieces. Its so powerful because its one of the few magics that work on humans against humans.     

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