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Is Israel a Lower Dimensional Spiritual Plane?

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Is Israel a lower dimensional spiritual plane?

I proposed in a previous post that what ever Israel is, it is something that we should also be avoiding Geographically. Frame your mind on those words this way. Its like you are a parent caring for a child. You hear them use a curse word you put a penny of their allowance in a curse jar. Its a punishment system to tell you you have dabbled with something you shouldn’t.

If you take the Word Israel you get


You Decode that as

I would be Inclined to decode it as

I often Decode El to Saturn. What you have to understand is that amongst the Hebrew Jews, and even the Latin Races there have been people that principally venerated Saturn. So Sometimes I feel like if these people were saying God “El” – What they were saying is Saturn. Go Study sun of Saturn on Youtube. Really Nice exploration of some if the old words and concepts.

So if we take it to be:

It is very literally the lower spiritual plane. Even though Etymology Study alone won’t give you conclusion on that. Pair it with the flag. Its about Saturn.

What Im trying to teach you through this is that staying out of a place of spiritual punishment is also about the choices you make on how to treat other people. If you think for example a Male Gender transition surgery on a Homosexual man is just a matter of business thats low spirit. You need to think that one day that man will loose the ability to have his family. This low moral tendency occurs in all places in the commercial world. Well I believe that Israel is the Catch Basket for people who display these low moral tendencies.

So Ill conclude this by saying that this is not just something I have researched, its something I can see through my spiritual eye. When I look at Photos of Israel I don’t know, It looks like i’m looking down. So there is an entirely medical/physical aspect of spiritual awakening where it is about literally getting that God energy up through your spine into your brain. When you get your spine over some type of physical break point where you are as a being more in spirit, then you may be able to see these things.

The Masons Might describe that break point as
“Entering The Lions Gate” or “Making it into the Northern Territory”

You need to use that spine energy. You need to have heart. And you also need to try and mix that energy with things like skill, Grace, Compassion.

But the journey forward is not into a new car. Or a more senior corporate title. It’s a journey up into the mind and spirit. Israel is evidence of wrong direction in that journey.

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