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Jewish Abuse in Our Nations is Intergenerational And Coordinated.

In This post I want to give you one of my primary reference points that shows you that the Jewish Abuse Against Us is Intergenerational.

So I will give you this as a time reference point.

I decoded Eyes Wide Shut. That was like a Generational Transition Movie. Its where the occult hidden forces on earth told you who the tho good guys / bad guys of last generation were.

So the punch line there is that that the head germanic Ashkenazi Jews that ran the freemasonic orders both had very poor intentions toward humanity as a whole and basically operated a hermetic curse over the lands.

So when you learn that was our teaching in 99….what would you expect to see in 2020?

Well what is coming out of America’s primary Studios is still a curse. So we have been given this great lesson on 99 That the Jewish Masonic Bodies are cursing us. Im not convinced they have stopped. In fact Im not convinced we have erected enough force to turn the tide from their old curses.

Ill give you a clue on decoding EWS. I want to do a bunch of deeper decodes on that on decodedlight.com because its becoming kind of old work for me now, so I will really only be sharing wisdom that I digested years ago now. But In the End scene when Ziegler Kind of Jokes ‘She was a Hooker, That’s what she was.’ My best guess is that Kubrick is really trying to teach us about the dark orders. Or the jewish cults that study books like the talmud that are really for waging wars against us. These books do speak abominations against christian beliefs.

So its not like we are dealing with a passive enemy. We are dealing with a cult force trying to make our lives and our lands rubbish. This force seeks to harm our children. Shorten our lives. Damage our flesh. And it’s so arrogant that it surrounds your being with itself. Doing things intentionally to make your life unpleasant.

The jews harm you by using those they have harmed against you. So Zoe Kravitz is a mtf. Probably the child of Lenny. FTM. Again a being guided byAshkenazi Abuse. And they are in films occult abusing us.

The intergenerational patterns of abuse become more easy to see the more time you study this stuff.

But with me it has become evident that someone wishes the worst for me. I have to inform it that that force. That I have already identified by nation. Locations. Occupations. etc etc That because of it long and intense desire for harm towards my being and my future. That we no longer have concerns for the lives and well being of the peoples of those lands.

We ultimately need to put an end to the intergenerational patterns of abuse in our lands or our lives and futures cease to exist.

Anyways, concluding. That was the time reference I wanted to give. Our big generation lesson was there are a bunch of jew masons abusing you. Looking at America. I’d say the hand’s on the wrist watch haven’t moved.

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