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Kevin Annett – You Are Now Entering the Halls.

The Good News is. On This Special Day. June 13 2020. Kevin Annett has reached the halls at the end of time. And is about to begin his Judgement.

To start, why am I doing this? It’s like the scene in that film by that Frenco-Norman Bull Dog Chappy with the Tibetan monks in the Mountains. The ones that tell the story of humanity. I need to be a part of the on-going telling of that story and can’t let folks rest on their laurels.

Some Guidelines for game: From here on in. Kevin is not interested in your watches. Doesn’t wanna see em. Doesn’t wanna wear em. Don’t photograph him near clocks. His financial contributions to the Swiss Rolex industry are finished. The only thing he is going to need a watch for is syncing a meeting time with his local bud tender. Which I will elaborate on when we talk punishment.

If Kev has been really really bad with the Banana – It’s a Banana Bruising.
If he’s been a little bad with the Banana. We say…..Way to Go. Kev-Bo.

Kevin would likely give his time to most people, he is kind like that. What I would like to see is the calibre and focus of those that he interviews with goes higher. I want them to be inquisitive and challenging. I want them searching for truths and mistruths in the narratives he is perpetuating. I wouldn’t mind if I saw him sweating on the spot in interviews on occasion. The truth can do that to people.

Further, if you want more general guidance on what this is about study the Papyrus of Ani and the Judgement we passed against the Judeo Masonic Order from Kubrick’s EWS. That work isn’t up just now but will fix that soon.

Judgement Failed: This is fairly simple. Judgement Failed. I want you to burn him. Maybe not so much in the direct sense of tie him to a cross douse him with kero and claim “Stu Told me to do it”. You could like have a black ops team bust into his dwellings monthly and dish out a 15 minute feather rib tickling. When this ongoing activity expires him. Then. Burn Him. Don’t tell me its harsh. He knows what it says in the book. What happens if you don’t make it. He’s read the book. He know how the game go.

One other aspect of his short term potential punishments – if his works are not up to scratch, he is to be forcibly banished to his bedroom for a week with a half of British Colombia’s best. I call it herbal hibernation. If he don’t come out punching higher. We are back to burning.

Judgement Passed: If you pass your judgement in the halls and go onward down the corridors at the end of time, it is of course possible that your ongoing works will be with humanity and resonate with humanity for a million years and over. There is much Architecture beyond the halls of judgement. Gates. Mirrors. Vast open Animal habitats and so on. Im still doing the cartography piece myself.

What I want to see and Achieve: I want all the narratives and histories he has compiled dissected. I want the truth of the relations we have held with native people. In Canada you might say Inuit. You might say Indian. I don’t know it all. The folks that have lived on those lands in traditional manners for a long time essentially. Amongst the indigenous narratives there will be some bunkum. One fascinating theory I heard is that some of the indigenous people of America are left-overs from a war that occurred between mongol tribes. All of this stuff I want dissected and I want true histories of European / Indigenous relations. I have this really bizarre theory that Alaska and Russia are actually connected by a land bridge and they keep that as a masonic secret to create division. Humour me.

– I want to know the truths about churches placing children in rooms with other children that had conditions like TB. Spreading disease and death with intent.
– I want discussion on forced sterilisation programs targeted at indigenous communities.
– You don’t really have to tell me too much about traditional people being harassed by police to the point of death. I believe it to be true.
– I want to know the truths about Canadian roads or regions known as areas of indigenous disappearance.

I think you get a picture. Dissect his works. Pull out fact from fiction.

From there he is bound by the obligation that his ongoing works should contain true narratives and that he is to be no part of occult saturnian deception.

My Thoughts: If you don’t like some of the Occult symbolism behind Kevin’s work, I feel the same way. I see it the same as you do. For example flags showing double unholiness constraining strong spirit. UNHOLY.

I haven’t read any of his books, at some point I will try. But again you will see occult masonic symbolism that will make you shy away.

There is the narrative of the Queen of England engaging in human sacrifice in Canada. Sometimes I think these narratives are written to shake people out of sorcery that is actually quite deep and dark. Consider that.

You are going to see all kind of occult symbolism in his works you don’t like. But please before you judge too harshly. Read these words of consideration.

Words of Consideration: Being truthful, these are words I was going to save for a different Kevin. This Kevin is however far more deserving so I will put them down here. And deal with other said Kev when time permits.

These words are about considering the occult forces that work in mens lives that many men never even become aware of. So when I decode despicable me, you can decode the name Kevin as Comely Born. Thats like the folks who seem to be born just at the right time. The folks that have a cruisy life, everything works out for them as required. So you can see Kevin in Despicable me through that lens. But if you study you will also find a word Kevan, which is like old hebrew for Saturn. Who knows, maybe these names are given at birth in relation to blood line. Regardless spirit always transcends blood line regardless of your birth. So what I would suggest for Kevin Annett, is that in some respects his name may have been used by others to position him as a saturnian pawn for church authorities and higher masonic forces.

For Kevin and anyone that is an influence in his life, that game is now over. He is no longer a pawn, and he will stand and succeed by the spirit, truthfulness and intellect of his ongoing works alone.

Ill also use these words to broaden the spirit of goodness by briefly applying them to a random average American hip hop artist. If you DMX for example. Ruff Riders. Deep saturnian symbolism. Many hip hop artists have dark symbolism in their name. That man can probably put bread on his table from his past works alone. Do you think he is going to drop the name? Do you think that higher masonic forces are going to stop using him and the name as a chess piece? Probably not. Generally speaking what I want to see is the sinister thought of those with higher occult knowledge cease. People actually be used as chess pawns for opening gates toward greyness & goodness. We are now smart enough to see through all your symbolim and names alone don’t give you the right to use mens lives as a force against humanity.

Blood Line Stuff: One interesting point of historical human Division is that it is said that historically the holy blood had treated the dirty low good for nothing purple blood poorly. Which drove prince to stage a take over at Superbowl XLI. Thats why you have chaste despicable folk hugging goats in stretched strained 3rd instalments. I really believe that if you are born into gods realm and you conduct yourself with basic decency, the least any being owes you is courtesy and a little guidance. Some times people need a bit of a nudge. People have different spiritual faculties thats what we need to understand. Kevin may not be able to pull off pull ups between a pair o pillars like Will Smith do. I mean Im sure he is just as spiritually inclined as the next person. But sometimes he seems to be a little lost and struggling. Who doesn’t have those moments. Using my own brother as an example, he says to me ‘I don’t get ideas like you do.’ Shit bro. I would try working in that area a little harder. People will have different gifts and faculties. They don’t need disregarding or disrespecting. They need guiding. They need to go on their own search for their strengths.


So from here on out. I do nothing. I twiddle my diddle. And I watch the universe do its work. How long does judgment take. Long. Does Kevs life get easier. No. Only briefly if he is banished into herbal hibernation. Please if you engage in conversation with Kevin, be polite, purposeful, inquisitive and help in being part of exploring and telling the story of European and indigenous relations on earth for the last few centuries.

Thats it Im out. Kev is our First Chappy in the halls. Keep in mind I have been watching his works for years. Its a special place and you have to work hard to get there. Hope that the outcome of this make us all stronger, wiser better directed.

(PS. Im in the habit of publishing before proofing. This has taken a quarter of my day. Kev is lucky I have graced his image with my super holy presence. Will be proofing later. )

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