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Let’s Get Biblical – How the conscious spiritual manipulation of people can be seen as a crime. 

King James 1611
King James 1611
I really like biblical stuff. I would be lying If I said I had ever sat down and read the thing cover to cover.

I’m not really suggesting that you do. But people who subscribe to atheism and people who dismiss the contents of the bible in its entirety I think are missing something.

There is a lot of value in the bible and in comprehending it you can comprehend more about how the universe itself works.

I’ve said this in other posts, but as this esoteric knowledge grows you actually begin to see how the universe unfolds in ways that others can’t.

The most sinister thing one can do however, is accrue this knowledge and then use it to spiritually segregate people. Use it to spiritually divide and or compartmentalise people. And you can see this happening with clarity.

For example the other day I was in a restaurant and while taking a break after my meal I was watching the entertainments on the big screen. Fox Sports. So lets get esoteric. Fox numerilougically breaks down to 666. 666 is a reference to materialism or absence of spirit.

The ’Sport’ that was being played was Darts. Hardly exciting. Yet the room was packed. There were bikini girls dancing, the crowd were enjoying a drink. Quite the party I thought. Though it was clearly a manufactured event. How did they get the money to organise such an event I asked. Then the Gambling signs started flashing.

So this event in its entirety was collective de-spiritualisation at practice and it is being practised on the masses in Australia on a daily basis. It is done in sports, news media, shopping malls the music industry. It is done every where and the people who practice it think they are clever. The people who practice it think that when the victims of the de-spiritualisation whither up and die, they are not implicated in their murder. This is incorrect. Knowing your bible and using this knowledge to seperate yourself from others, to spiritually rob or contain others is as sinful as any other sin.

In fact, what could be worse than using knowledge of spirit to rob or deceive others.  If one is to consider themself christian or spiritual or even just a good and decent person, the you are obligated to use you knowledge and wisdom of life to teach others. I get flustered by the extent of human ignorance frequently, but none the less it is our obligation to teach.

If everyone took the stance and used a portion of their time to create spiritual teachings and lessons, in government, in sport, in gaming. Then
the ignorance would be removed from society faster than we think. However
the current state of affairs in Australia is like ancient bread and circuses Rome, and the spiritual people pay the price.

From my own work publishing on youtube, I know that the interest in material is greater than spiritual. But everytime I get through to someone with a spiritual teaching it feels like a great victory.

We are going to be calling out people involved in this criminal conscious de-spiritualisation and given the amount of M&A activity in media lately, I have no doubt that the people involved in this sinister activity know it is end times.
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