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Physical In Public Consciousness Harassment Technologies Visualised Along Side Spiritual Awakening.

I want to extend my work in this area so you can clearly see what is happening and why we have to address it comprehensively.

So I want to start with trying to practically illustrate spiritual awakening for you. In terms such that you can say.

‘Yes this is not an Airy Fairy Concept – Its real.’

One of the most common symbols you see in Buddhism is the lotus flower. I remember walking in a City. I think it was the capital of Laos. Vientiane. And finding this beautiful old wooden building with a pier and all of these beautiful lotus flowers floating in a pond. Spiritual beings try to teach you about the nature of reality in everything that they build.

I mean what a simple beautiful symbol. So your ‘Second birth’ your ‘Second Blossoming’ is when your pineal gland opens – thats the lotus flower. Where does it sit? Floating on a lake. Like Tahoe. So when you have your inner blossoming yes the world looks different. Thats what keeps you alive. Because you have the eyes to take gods light and see his new world. Others perish through ignorance.

I often say that what the cults seek to do is ‘deceive you about the NATURE of reality’. They don’t care if you are a bit smart about some stuff. All they care about is that you don’t understand the big picture. Space is the prefect example of deceiving you to the nature of reality. These people literally invest millions in filling factory complexes with big fake craft to bamboozle the mind.

Knowing this – lets now try something different. If one is deceived about the nature of reality and another is not presumably if you quizzed both parties and challenged them to explain the nature of the human existence you would get completely different answers. You would. Wouldn’t you?

Let me now give you a kind of alternative explanation on how I would describe the human condition. You are born. You feed. You fight. You fuck. If you conduct your being in the right manner in the most basic sense. At some point in your life. The sublimity of this realm gifts your being. With a new stage. A Second Birth. The Opening of a Lotus Flower. Floating on a Lake. Going to Tahoe? No. We’re Goin to…….Bonnie Doon. We’re Goin to…….Bonnie Doon. We’re Goin to…….Bonnie Doon

So I would say after that birth, when your brain can receive God’s light at it’s highest capacity. Your being feels like you are literally floating in what I would call something like ‘Etheric Amniotic fluid’. When you say the word spirit you can be talking about
– A spiritual concept – Spirituality
– An Alcoholic Beverage
– Light At Different Densities
– Ether or spirit also describes light electro magnetic matter (So spirit has a breadth of manifesting densities in our realm)

Is that how your being feels? Like you a floating on spirit? Or have you been nailing too many those beef burger? Sometimes I get this feeling that my brain is so firmly connected to this realm that if I just lifted my legs I would remain upright. Doesn’t actually work. Have tried. But thats what it feels like.

Ill repeat an old wives tale that I constantly say to try and get people to understand this. They say that fish don’t know that they live in water. They are unconscious of the nature of the matter in which they reside. Well so are we as humans. We live in a realm comprised first and foremost of spirit.

These sensations or understandings are relatively new to my awakening….But…

One way I would describe the etheric fluid is that it is hyper intelligent. That if you try to work with it. By for example projecting outward from your mind a thought or concept that you need clarity on. Ask God for wisdom. Well its going to work with you some way. It might straight out give you an answer. It might lead you toward it. It may put an image, a design straight into your head.

So that is kind of how I would give a scientific reductionist description of the human condition.

Now. Let me overlay on that. The realities of targeted stalking and harassment tech.

Just Google Maps alone a common at home use technology. Stores million maybe billions of Geographic reference points. Such technology can target geographic points as well as presumably height / depth points. To work as precise targeting technology.

Now people are tying into this technology in many ways. But one of the things I have experienced is people pre planning encounters on for example geographic targeting points. So they know where you are going. They know your routine. And as you enter a shop for example. There will be a stalker already present anticipating your arrival.

So now imagine the city scenario I suggested last post. You are a young person in a small apartment in a dense city. Imagine that every time you go outside they plan a negative emotion harassment event. Imagine that every time you go out they plan a trauma event. For example one day a man in a Yankees Cap Mugs you in a park. Beats you down gently. Takes your wallet. Tells you your a lame. And then runs. Then. Suddenly. Every day you go out. Random dudes. Wearing the same Cap. Trauma programming.

They do this stuff. Repeating Trauma. Some suggest the Aim of the Jew Cult Abuse is to bring about a condition like Schizophrenia. These conditions make people easier to control. Yes thats what they want. A mass easy to deceive, control and manipulate.

Now one more Dichotomy. Last post I gave you Eden / Tech Stalker Hell.

Now Im going to Give you these two different visions.

Your own being. Swimming. In a sea of infinite Spirit. The people you swim with. Are so caring that they paddle gently. They don’t want their motions upsetting your own journey. The spirit you swim in nurtures your own being. It feeds the Ideas into your mind. It answers your queries. No search engine required. Just you, your loved ones and any other suitably prepared individual. In spirit.

Now contrast that against this. The same spirit. But Up in the mountain. Trenched in. Evil monkeys. With 1 Billion+ points of targeting overlaid in our realm . Punching into their computer device. Your next moment of psychological harassment. Monitoring your every movement. Picking out your next targeting point. Thats what we are up against. And you CAN NOT allow your children to be born into this. They will be psychologically profiling them from the age of 2. If your daughter has an iPad, they already are.

The imposition of malicious spirit on top of our spiritual realm by nasty beings seeking hegemony over the realm is the greatest challenge that we face. We need to be swift in taking actions against these bodies because they are already using this technology to tax lives on our lands. They are also using it to take lives.

Instead of concluding on a low note. Ill try and uplift with this. I told you guys that I have long been contemplating on how I can myself rely less on technology to meet my ends. Like I have known for years the Apple products are really exploitation devices, but I can surely harness them to achieve my goals. So how can we succeed in a modern technological world, defeat these demons and still live prosperous lives.

This is the solution I have reached.

Just ONE single properly functioning human mind is enough to defeat and conquer all of this bullshit. That a mind that has accomplished what the bible requests. That we pierce the veil of Isis. That our minds go above the firmament. That we develop the ability to take in the stream of Gods light. That we seek to understand the word of the bible, the old words and concepts. These things make us all more powerful than this technology and BS. It’s a lot of work. But it will defeat these demons and we will see most of these tech firms fail in our days.

Last point for more upliftment. Keep in mind the bible illustrates the 144,000 accomplish this with the mind. Or multiple tribes of 144,000 stemming from the original blood lines of earth achieve this during end times. So what we will witness is a huge shift in the collective mind of earth. Thats where the goodness we desire to see on earth will come from.

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