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Some Thoughts on Foreign Religions

I think that some men think that all alternative religions to christianity are bunk. That when you travel through Thailand every Golden Buddha is a heathens false Idol.

I don’t quite see it that way. Every being needs a pathway, a narrative toward spirit. In many respects one of your studies in christianity should be purely symbolic / geometric. You don’t expect that to be something they teach in church. In fact I bet Collins completely forgot to teach you that. As well as the book of Revelation and the Evil ways of the Unclean Jew.

I see that all different cultures may have their own path to spirit. We have Lolita. Billy Fish has Kumari.

Same Same. Not Different.

Vedic Cosmology Can Just as soon take you to spirit as Christian.

So, I like to study other religions. I can figure out quick snap if people have got it all wrong ass backwards. And I can figure out if your deity has something to offer. Your deity Does not have to offer you all of god in one big gulp. Its always a path toward rightness. Learning.

I find a lot in other peoples spiritual practice. I would Encourage you as a Christian to be open minded and explore. You will probably find at the end of the day that the most powerful book is the Bible. But Comparative religion will only compliment your biblical wisdom. I don’t believe God shines on every Pale Christian While Neglecting the heathen populace of Asia. As a Christian you have to wrap your head around that and become open to other practice. If you are a good christian and you are right in your faith you should be able to absorb other peoples beliefs and have something to offer them more from your own Christian practice.

Anyways I hope that you can see that just seeing folks who bow in front of other statues foreign to you as heathen, is not the right view and is really not the Christian Way. Thats my view, now send it to the churches in Asia.

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