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Sometimes the Bible Does not have the words that we need.

Sometimes the Bible does not have the words that we need. Sometimes the bible doesn’t cover the subject matter that we are actually fighting with.

I have this super bizarre relationship with the book of Revelation. I wish I could tell you the story about how I was compelled to study it and what I learned when I did. But I will save that for later. The strangeness with that book is that I have been studying it constantly for about a year and a half. And every time I put it down and pick it up and read it again it feels like Im reading a different book. I get different learnings. Different insights. Different wisdom.

But just last night I had a strange realisation. Revelation talks about bad spirits. About a time when many amongst our humanity turn foul. It talks of Merchants over indulging. It talks about those succumbing to Babylon.

What it does not cover in my view is dealing with a rational cold calculated sociopathy from people who don’t even care about the bible. People who by way of choice of culture or religious view do not practice or care about its word. A better way of saying it might be that they practice its word in reverse.

The people who wrote the bible would not have even been able to conceive the challenges that we face.

I don’t really know what this means. In this post I have the luxury that Im not trying to change the word the bible as we are prohibited from doing. Im just trying to alert you to the urgency of the situation. Our enemy here is almost sicker that anything the bible teaches us of.

Correct me if i’m wrong but I really don’t believe Revelation deals entirely with the enemy that we are facing. It is very well intrenched, it spans the whole world and it has ample technical resource. Technical resource and ability far beyond the conception any of our elders would have had.

You might claim that that enemy is what the bible calls the Synagogue of Satan. But how many beings born to christian families now describe themselves as atheists? It’s not just a synagogue thing. It a Consciousness Parasite. The Gnostic Narrative does well in understanding this.

So lets just say that even though St John’s Prophecy didn’t cover all of what we face in 2020. We do need to follow one part of its guidance sooner than later. And regardless of your toilet paper situation. We need to hit that flush button quick snap.

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