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The All Seeing Eye Is Not Synthetic

Sometimes I will teach things they may seem obvious or superfluous, but I often find that by doing so you gain bigger things later on at some point.

This is really simple. The all seeing Eye is not a synthetic thing. So its a shitty feeling to kind of walk out in Australia and feel like we are becoming CCTV Capital. Thats just lots of beings trying to protect their material world. Its a more shitty feeling when people start inserting cameras into your private space.

But One thing I can teach you is that the all seeing eye has nothing to do with creepy humans playing games. So any time you have that kind of shite enter your life you can fuck it off. Quite easily. “There is some dirty Jew pig with a camera in my room.” That’s what that is. Thats all it is. Nothing more or less.

The all seeing eye is an organic force. It’s nothing to do with camera networks or anything like that.

Think about trying to have sex with a woman. What do you do? You pinch her butt or something. She pushes you away.

It’s a natural reaction when you don’t want something. Sex is good when both people want to be having it. Its a natural human choice.

So even when things in your personal sex life start to seem weird. There is some fuckin freakazoid putting cameras in your room. Same thing. You slap it away. Why? The all seeing eye is not synthetic. It doesn’t do things synthetic eyes do. So you fuck it off quick snap. In fact I have just announced a system we are introducing that is going to tackle that topic directly.

Well, now that you know this. That ‘the all seeing eye’ of masonry one that would be assumed to represent god. Now that you know that it is simply not something that is connected to a camera or a CPU Chip. Your own choices and judgements become easier. As soon as sex in your life becomes electromagnetically strange. You can tell it to fuck off. God. Doesn’t need hidden cameras. As soon as synthetic cameras become involved, it’s not God or God’s eye you are dealing with. It is something very different.

Again it may seem a superfluous thing to teach. But if you are a young man or woman. You may find a point in your life that somebody tells you directly or indirectly they have a camera in your home. Well immediately you know this logic, you know whatever force is doing it is not of God. So your response or solution can be appropriate.

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