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The Rules. The Streets. The Gates. Truth about Guns that you are going to want to know.

Wiz Gates

It’s Evident that the last generation of American Leaders failed the People of cities like New Orleans. 

Hardships have been had that may not have been required. 

Sometimes it plagues my mind as to what I might be able to do to improve the lives of people in such places. 

In between freeing tibet. Raising Medical standards. Cleaning our own food supplies. Look at my list man?

WTF can I do for New Orleans?

Its quite simple. Spirit is infinite and we are all ultimately obligated to lift the whole establishment. So what I can do is teach. There are some things that I can teach people that maybe no other man can. My journey has been very unique. And though you will find they will be inclined to show you a strip club in that journey. They are going to neglect to show you the Tibetan Monastery.  

This lesson is simple. 

For people who live on hard streets. Its a really hard choice. Sure a gun can save your life. But just know. Its not going to save it for ever. One day a day will come where its going to have to be your mind that saves your life. 

For black men who have faced a history of oppression often violent through the prison system and bastardisation of christian law. One of the safest things you can do is make yourself a weapon. No one can take that weapon away from you. And may give you confidence To put down the gun. I don’t know what the big picture holds for this issue. I see a day where people will be given the option to live in Gun free cities or towns. Your choice. Ask Black men about how they feel living in Japan. Safer. Its about how they have taught the Japanese people to be as beings.

But for men that train their own fighting strength you should be able to make yourself a weapon that has the ultimate self control. Who wants to punch people anyways? No body wants that ruining their day out.

Just like you guys. I Hate the last staged freemasonic gun event like the next one. Feels like brain screwing. People need truth when it comes to having the tools to defend yourself. But whether you like those events or not. The gates just aint got a stop button on them. It is what it is. 

There are many stories amongst christian priests of times when they have faced down the barrel of a gun and relied on God alone to protect them. I really make the same choice with my life. I get my fair share of Goonies. But i’m not going to rush out and buy a gun.

I want to be super clear about something. This isn’t an old white Jew making rules. This aint your local council running a licensing racket. These rules are not my rules. They are not government rules. It doesn’t mean a fuckin thing if you think these rules impede on your constitutional rights. 
I also want to be really clear that this is not me narking in on anyones lemonade stand. Being honest I wouldn’t want to be the last Man selling lemonade especially if there was a trend for water coming through. Curtis spotted it. 

So these gates. Advanced security. Bouncers are a bunch of pricks. Multiple levels of security. Checks. Tests. Who runs the metal detector? Some old white cunts in Europe. You didn’t know? They already done the flyer drop. And some old Indian curry munchers. Vegetarian. Pot Smokers. Fuckin hippies. Dreads. Painted faces. Bizzaro land. Trust me.

Tricky cunts the lot of them. Not only do you have to get past their metal detectors. You have to get past their Lions. And They hide the gate in the light. And just when you think you found it they move it. Just to test you one more time. And when you get to it ironically the gate is metal. And real fuckin small. The rules are simple. No metal through the gates. Got it? No Metal gets through the gates. If you are a man of the Craft. They Already done taught you this. Early on. I know. And it’s real. No metal through the gates. Do you need to hear it again? No. 

It’s not just your average every day metal detector. Don’t be stressing if you think some knee grow is going to stash their piece in your pocket As you try to get through the detector. They wise to that game. Someone tried to plant a silver piece on me. I ain’t packing no silver mane. 

This metal detector. Its like high end vibrational frequency tech. They know well if you got metal on you. Its like those spinning drum rides. It spins you round and round And beams down this light frequency detector on you. If you got steel. They will know. You get it now don’t you? No steel through the gates. 

The last thing I will share with you as a matter of Urgency. God doesn’t wear a wrist watch. But he does have his seasons. And he watches them with a sand timer. When the sand’s out. Times up. 

Anyways looks like we got a crime scene on our hands. Wizz has made a break through the Metal detector. He’s punching on with one of his trainers. And he’ll be on the streets of frisco with no steel. Boys in blue in pursuit. At risk of getting the shit kicked out of them.

Thats all. Lesson taught.

Best of luck with your journey through the gates Gentlemen. 

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