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The Space Flight Paradigm is not soft Spirituality. It is a Super Satanic Babylonian Working.

So I spoke some words about how light or soft spirituality is a positive thing. If you take the examples of folks I referenced like Bashar or Barbra Marcinack. Well they are a bit older than me and they probably had to figure out ways to dodge heavily armed dickheads whilst still trying to make a living. Working in realms of spirit, all be it with some creative back stories is passable. Sometimes you also have to do your best to work with the paradigm of the day. For them. They were dealing with a whole lot of space. So you gotta keep some space in the story.

But the space paradigm itself. Those who created and fronted that narrative. Not soft spirituality. Very different thing.

That narrative, the NASA story. Its a deep Babylonian working with all the trappings of sacrifice, satanism, child abuse and so on.

Recently I watched a video by a very popular western spiritualist Ken Wilber. 

In that video he was portraying the moon landing event as some great accomplishment of man kind, that it brought People together and had positive economic impacts. 

Funnily Enough as a young man I read a lot of Ken Wilbers Work. Even Ploughing through his weighty Sex, Ecology Spirituality at some point. Admittedly I found his greatest life work spiritually unsatisfying. 

It makes sense why he would try and perpetuate such bunkum about the moon landing and the space travel paradigm. He doesn’t have the goodness within himself to offer humanity more. To give humanity more. I hope when I am at that point in life I have more to offer humanity than placating a corrupt paradigm. Im sorry for breaking your balls Ken. I really did like a lot of your work. But you have got to aim higher and do better even at that age. What have you taken some backhanders from the NASA boys have you? I bet you have with that military background.

A spiritualist like Ken who’s work is deep should know well the difference between Babylonian business and real great works and should have the nuts to say so.

And that is what you will find about people who prop up space travel or who are still doing that. They are criminal and they take their paycheck from criminal cults that profit from deception on earth. What you also learn is that we have been briefed as a peoples to destroy this paradigm so it is very much our obligation to attack and destroy all entities that violently uphold a false light paradigm at the expense of our humanity.

It was not a positive event. It was not run by positive people. It wasn’t intended to have positive impacts. It was intended to be devastating. They have absolutely milked it to the max with violent force against us and they are still doing just that.

So the people that are running the space travel paradigm today are just as violent and just as criminal as those who established it.

There are lots of people who prop this phase of our history up as some type of accomplishment. All it was was inverted Babylonian satanic magic. Spirit is powerful yall. They got their pound of our peoples flesh out of that working. No harm in telling folks still working it that their days are numbered.

As the space paradigm slowly but surely dies amongst our people and is replaced by a paradigm that seeks to teach people about the nature of reality instead of deceiving them, let it be known that those who have sought to force fasle paradigms upon our minds with violent force, consequences will ensue.

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