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There Has Been Something Else That Has Mattered – Dat Holie.

More about Dat Holie.

There are very few other men that can share these truths because few experience it.

So I have explained that spiritual awakening is about
– The biological requirements. Try to eat basically the right stuff. I started getting that right at about maybe the age of 23.
– I spoke about geographical gates or portals. Get off you bum and get out there with the right spirit.
There is one more thing.

Watch some of my videos on youtube about spiritual awakening. Sorry they are so boring. Then Try and find the Kubrick Interview on Youtube about 2001 a Space Odyssey where a Japanese man asks him about the meaning of the end.

He speaks about a force pulling you up. He says its a common thread in Mythology. I haven’t come across any such stories myself, but Im sure he is right.

That feeling is what Kubrick refers to in EWS as being called into the room upstairs to see Mr Ziegler. So its an ascension feeling and even though I have spoken about blood I wouldn’t be surprised if this is possible for most people.

Anyways sometimes people don’t understand that once you build your own morals you start to get pulled into a system.

So the point is, back to the book of revelation. The Only thing that has mattered up until this point is that your head was holy. That is the seal in the book of revelation. Those sealed. It is a Seal on your head that you receive the frequencies of god your creator. The people that look down must see from a million miles away when people are at least trying to practice goodness.

So when people look at my work, its like I have run around for the last decade just to keep it going. Trying to do something good. Assuming or hoping we live in a world where that is where success comes from.

Because of how I have lived, right now my head is in spirit. Nothing I can do about it. Thats the point of the book. Those who are sealed go to spirit. Everything else falls. Everything. Your corporations mean nothing to god.

So thinking about being pulled up. Imagine a Universe where It doesn’t matter so much if you have an abundance of food. I still enjoy a good Lunch :). But it doesn’t matter where you live so much. As long as it is sunny and nice. It matters that your head is bound to the creation. Which is a light frequency creation. Now as soon as we fail or forget this we die. There are lots and lots of men that are not there. I don’t know what is going to happen to them.

If you jump for the monkey bars and you don’t catch. You fall back down. If you were born onto this earth and you didn’t get on bonce-level with god your creator, you have probably at this point if you are a 50 something not going to make it. What it will probably mean for you is simply that your opinion won’t matter so much to what happens on this plane going forward. You are going to be going…..I want XYZ to be happening in the Stock Market. I want XYZ to be happening with the NRL management plan. None of what you say is going to matter. Because all the people looking down will be thinking do you have a connection with god.

That is the nature of the universe. Everything comes down from spirit. You live in a light realm where even the cobalt you mine has come from spirit. Once you reach spirit the creator has some responsibility to match your commands. Because so few people reach it people must hate that I can influence the world. It has nothing to do with my family history. Its about finding the way in the room upstairs.

So for the entirety of your life there are people watching you to see if you take the right path. You know that bloke that does the youtube videos about the ledger grave stones. Well thats what the ledger is about. Did you buy the lie, or did you get head holy.

I describe the experience that started for me at the age 33 And was first triggered under a Tree in Sydney’s Kings cross as an exponential spiral.

What they try and do to people this happens to is call it psychosis or some BS. Which is why all Jewish People will be completely banned from working in mental health all across the world. But they also violently assault people to try and keep them from having higher spiritual experiences.

Anyways, I think thats heaps of info, will wrap it up.

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