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Two Mantras that Guide Me.

These are not Spiritual Mantras. Just things I say to guide my life.

The first one is just how I think when Im working, living, dealing with people. I say “I am never going to compromise my intellect, thought, wisdom or knowledge for anyone.” “Never ever, ever ever ever.” “I will never shut my mouth if something needs being said.”

So you don’t have to be a dentist about it. There are some scenarios. You have a new boss. You want to get a grip of his vibe. You want to get a grip of the job. Whilst I say these things to myself I also acknowledge that I don’t know it all and have a bunch of learning to go. But there have been times in employment where this mantra has been the breaking point. You kind of just go, ‘Ok, dis gig be insulting my intelligence and intellect just now. You get my notice and Im back to eating 2 min noodles’

The Second one. It is not just a mantra it is just how I look at the universe. I say to myself that there are beings looking down on us with such intelligence and wisdom that I simply can’t comprehend. When I say being I mean Im flexible. It could be saying their are entities in the spirit realm with such influence that I need to curtail these damn impure thoughts and unholy typographical tendencies. But something is looking down. Something is compelling me to write these words. Best aim to satisfy it in terms of accuracy, intent, action and destination.

That’s All. This Bonce ‘Open for Inspection’ has been brought to you by Stuart DOMinion.

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