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Understanding one of our peoples simplest and most beautiful beliefs.

Loli Stairs

There is a really simple belief that everyone can learn and understand that can be used as a filter to see who is doing right in life, to see who is doing wrong. When we have such large organised states and state instruments like police forces, sometimes these simple logics can be used to understand who is doing right and wrong.

This is not me quoting the bible. It may be the word of the bible. But I believe that it is pre-bible. I believe this belief has been held amongst our people for the longest of times. This is getting into history beyond Rome, beyond Italy beyond Greece. So when I name these tribes I have no real conception if this is real history or falsity, I can only guess.

But these beliefs were held by the mithraic groups, the scythians, the franks, the normans, the bretons. It goes on. One of the most amazing things I have read about the Scythians is that it was often debated in those times who was the greatest peoples, the Egyptians or Scythians and it was usually agreed that it was the scythians.

Again, you can go so far into our history that we can’t really know what is true and just a story. But as far as stories go this one has been with all of our peoples. For the longest of times.

It’s such a simple conception of the world that me even taking the time to explain may seem crazy.

The belief goes that we are born into darkness. And as we grow we climb. We climb a staircase. A mountain. Hell, in modern times you could even make it an elevator. We go upwards. Thats the point. Toward the light.

Many people never get it. The people that sit on their desks for example and do works of tyranny for decades on end – I don’t think they ever get it. Some minds just don’t get light. They follow, they mimic, they clone. But they don’t create from the light of their mind.

So thats the simplicity of the belief that I feel is one of the more beautiful of our beliefs. When you do believe in it. When you practice it. It’s powerful enough to make a man abstain from pursuing a career as a submariner.

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