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We pay for our parents sins. But we also walk into the world of spirit on their backs.

Isn’t it funny how people intrude into your affairs. Spend a fortune negatively portraying you with the intention to manipulate. And get it all wrong. That Kin movie portrays a bunch of bunkum that me and pops were never there for eachother. Bollocks. When I was the smallest of boys I was the one that helped with the handyman work around the house. When he ran his own businesses I worked for him and had a part time Job during college. Good for both of us. The truth is we have had a hand full of arguments in our whole life. We actually get along pretty well. What is so sinister with that film is they were obviously trying to capitalise on what they thought was going to be his death and manipulate the timing. People leave trails of their sinister and manipulative intent in their work. If you want to make movies. Don’t try and put people in boxes. Try and break them out. Also when I think of all the dark occult activity that took place during my dads time in hospital. Its so obvious its back to the JJ Boys. It is the sick mind of Jewish interests that don’t have positive intention toward humanity that has caused so much suffering across races. So while we were running around trying to save and extend our fathers life. Jewish forces were trying to exploit the scenario for effect.

My Pops doesn’t let light into his mind. Refuses to take in wisdom. Thats fine if men want to make that choice. He suffers for it. But for me. There is also Mum. And if Dad is going to be a dentist in old age. It doesn’t just effect him. So I have to shake him up sometimes. That’s all. These things happen in all families.

Anyways that is me and pops taking a Stroll in Doi Suthep Chiang Mai. Nice Photo Hey. Doi Suthep is a Beautiful place that I visited many times. So we do suffer for our parents sins but really they suffer more. But if we as a generation are lucky enough to walk into the world of spirit. We do so on their backs. For most of Dad’s life he literally worked 6 days a week. Monday through Saturday. Just the opportunities to study travel and live were provide by him and his choices. I mean, he left Glasgow to live in a place called the Sunshine Coast. How could I Complain?


Mahana is a Great film to explore some of these concepts. Integenerational change and Land. What I wanted to say to traditional people of Australia an NZ is this.

If you look at the Mabo story – it is completely unacceptable that a generation fuck them in the brains, screw them with legal mumbo jumbo and then take their land. And then portray them as failing to have made it to the world of Spirit. Well given that we still reference Mabo today, surely the man lived with spirit. Maybe he didn’t reach great heights of spiritual ascension. But I bet his own people Admire his contribution to their cause. I hope that the traditional people In places like the pacific Islands do have confidence in their position on the lands and have some confidence in the intergenerational turn over of this custodianship. I also hope that many of these communities don’t fuck up and do what we do to the land. Cut it into a bunch of boxes and build mc-mansions on it.

But I wanted to explain to people. We all want land. I want my own land one day. But it is more complex than that. Mahana tackles this topic of the intergenerational transition of land. And it does kind of address the spiritual complexities of this transition.

Keep in mind people. Sometimes in your life you can literally be living in an urban shoebox and feel happy and wealthy.

But this is how you can think of it.
– Yes at some point in your life its great to have your own land. But there is more to it you want more than that. Trust me. This is what you want.

– You want to have a relationship with the land (The whole lot) such that it does as you command of it. You don’t want cock suckers in your nation putting beef burger joints on every block. You want to be able to make the land go the direction you want. You don’t achieve that through having a title certificate. There is no correlation people. So ask yourself what would you prefer? This will challenge your brain. Would you prefer to have Acres of your own? Or have an influence that effects all the lands?

– You want the lands to be of a quality that supports goodness across all the lands. So you want the people to be good enough and wise enough to do good things with the land. So that your living on it is a nice experience also. Whats the point of having your own land when the roads of your nations are congested with Diesel 4wd’s and people who are too ass backward retarded to make your nation nice? Do you want cattle and lamb slaughtered on every block or do you want permaculture gardens? So your own land is nice. But having all the lands go right is also nice.

– Land title is also complex. I don’t yet understand it. The indigenous people should probably be hoping for something more than ‘owning’ a piece of land. Or a certificate. Knowing this makes the spiritual realities of understanding the above points more important. I think the fact is if we all got the above points right. We would actually care less about owning land.


So we don’t all make it above the checkers and across the crucifix. We don’t all have our own land. We don’t even all wish to live the same way on the land. But there are more dimensions than that.

In Australia lets all work together to ensure:
– The right things are done on the land
– The lands on the whole go the right way ecologically so that we are all happy here.
– We encourage that people of the right spirit occupy the lands.
– That commercial systems in place are fair so that people who work hard have opportunities to live on their own land.

And i’m sure that the people of places like the Solomon Islands, Pacific Islands and so on will just like me stand on their own ancestors backs and take possession of things above the land that are of just as great importance.

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