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What Is The Nature Of The Mysterious Force You Can See Manifesting On Earth In Our Media Now?

You’ll Notice That Even Though News Media Can Be Depressing.

And That They Generally Try To Provide Zero Substance And Zero Hope.

There Is A Different Force Coming Down The Piper.

What Is It? 

I’ll Start By Briefly Bonking You In The Bonce – Then Elaborate A Bit On What I Think Is Happening.

So, Ive Told You. Kubrick Told You. Space Is A Bullshit Brain Rape Paradigm.

But You Must Endeavour To Describe The Realm In A Way To Get The Nature Of Our Existence Across.

The 666 Cults Use Space In An Abusive Manner. I Don’t Mind A Little Bashar Action. A little Barbara Marciniak Action. They Touch On Aliens And Other Nonsense. But Humans Transmitting Verbal Messages Is Harder To Abuse Than CGI. 

So The Story I Want To Bonk You in The Bonce With Is. A Story About Large Greys. A So Called Alien Race. Obviously A Masonic Conception. But The Story Was The Cause Of Their Condition Or State Of Being Was That It Was A Race That Had Travelled In The Wrong Direction. And They Were Trapped. So They Had Chosen The Wrong Technology, Taken The Wrong Spiritual Path And The Message They Had For Us Was Choose Another Path. Maybe Not Such A Silly Story. Large. Grey. Hounds…….Wrong Direction.

Sounds Correct. Maybe They Should Have Been Large Red And Whites. 

It’s Kind Of Like The Concept Of Nuclear Technology. Such Technology Probably Exists That Would Make Large Energetic Ripples In The Realm. But Using It, Probably Such Huge Consequences For Your Own People, You Would Have To Be Retarded.

A Number Of Times In My Work. I Have Used This Consumer Grade Publishing Technology To Make Aggressive Corrections To Our Nation’s Political Direction. 

It’s Not Just The Change In Political Outcome That Matters. It’s The Pushing Of Your Own Spine In To The Living Realm. So High Up, They Want People That Can Push The Direction Of Humanity The Right Way. Using Lessons And Teachings They Have Left For Us.

So Some Of The Different Forces You See – The Almost Different Looking Humans You See In Media.

Are Us Normal Guys, Having Managed To Gain The Attention Of The Large Red And Whites.

They Are Astral Beings. Ethereal Beings. Who Have Unlike The Large Greys. Chosen To Take The Right Direction. Just Normal People. Probably Triangulated Further Ahead In Time. Higher In The Light Pipe.

So If You Choose The Nuke Or The Tank Or The Bomb. The Forces Look Down And Say Wrong Direction.

If You Use The Knowledge And Teaching. The Forces Look Down And Say – Lets Help.

It’s Tough Dissecting The Media. This Positive Force Doesn’t Occupy Every Story. But Its Certain That There Is A New And Powerful Force Amongst Us. That We Have Summoned. By – Like I Say In The Teaching of The Letter R. Pulling Energy Down From Saturn. But More Importantly. Pulling Energy Down From They Higher Ethereal Realms.

That’s Why I Call It Ultra Light Hermetic Spirit Craft Masonry. In My Being I’m Always Trying To Work With The High Spirit Ether.

What You Find Is. Our People Bust Out A Working. If For Example. I Mention It At Home. Or Mention It in My Work. The Positive Energy Dissipates From That Space Quickly. Because The Cults Jump All Over It. They Play A Lot Of Tricks. Mirroring. Avatars. Distortion Of Time. Distortion Of Reality. Deep Psychological Manipulation. Using Many Techniques Including Synthetic Programmatic AI. It’s Really Dark Occult Magic And At This Point We Are Dealing With The Communications And Security Systems Of Entire Nations. Entire Races.

You Have Got To Do The Stick And Move. Always Look For Where The Positive Message Is Coming Through. And Cast Out Cutting Light That Teaches, Informs And Forces The Dark Suppressive Forces To Abandon Their Energy Extracting Workings.

Its Like Girls Soccer. I Pull One Image. Then All Of A Sudden It Goes Funny. Because They Try To Sully Anything Positive You Focus On. Stick And Move. Shift Focus. But Always Positive Light. Always Ascension.

It’s Hard Work Moving Things In The Right Direction. Because It’s Literally The Channeling Of Light. Spirit. I Have Always Said That Masonry Is Powerful. Some Disciplines Challenge That Power. But Few. I Rarely Say Freemasonry. I Say Frank Masonry Or Spirit Masonry. Because It’s Techniques To Demark And Structure Spirit.

We Have To Get Our Spiritual Potency To The Strength To The Point We Can Destroy The Head Sick Masonry Of Nations Like The USA And England. Who Are Really Built On 666 Bloodlines. Sometimes The Answer Is Violence. Sometimes Creativity. Sometimes Formal Rational Writing And Teaching. Sometime Video Casting.

Notice How In Thai Baa (Crazy) And Japanese Baka (Idiot) And English Bad – Suggest A Correct Physical Death. Its Because Being A Natural Human With Human Tendencies. Humour And Grace In The Face Of Sickness. Is One Way To Attack This Force.  Get The Correct Death.

From Many Of The Nations, The Communications Are Still Deeply Hermetically Occulted. You Are Seeing Their Front Line Defences. From Some Nations You Are Seeing An Unpleasantness Of Spirit In Their Spiritual Defence. I Don’t Think God Is Going To Favourably Judge Nations That Seek To Snuff Peoples Out Through Spiritual Weed Killer.

And Then Some Of The Communications Are More Real. The Beings Almost Look Like Ethereal Beings. Astral Travellers.  

Like The Nuke Analogy. Drop It At Your Own Expense.

If We Play The Wrong Spiritual Games With What Are The Root Spiritual Defences Of Blood Lines That May Suck Balls. But The Creator Has Here For A Reason. It May Be Our Consequence. We Still Need To Do What Needs To Be Done. 

But We Can’t Kill Them All.

Just Most Of Them.

Mark My Words.

Soon Youse Is Gonna Be.

—> DEAD <—

Anyways That’s The Answer To The New Energy We Are Seeing In Media.

Higher Ethereal Beings. Astral Travellers. Who Chose The Right Path.

Now Here To Teach And Guide Humanity.

We Chose To Defend And Protect. There Are Forces Out There Concealed That Will Do The Same.
Nations Communications Are Now Coming From Higher In The Spirit Masonry.

But We Must Use Our Meditations And Focus To See Beyond The Spirit Masonry. Beyond The Temporal Manipulation And Abusive Synthetic AI. And Draw From The Divine Ethereal Matter That Is A Reflection Of The Projections Of Organic Human Spirit.

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