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Why I Have To Violently Repel Stalkers.

You know that scene from Star Trek.

Im not actually In To Star Trek.

But That Scene is Good. Where the guy pretends to be that ladies father and take her into the Matrix. But she can sense something is wrong.

The truth about the way I have run both my life and business affairs is Im independent. Even all of the business I have done in America, there is no contract. There is no paperwork there. There has never been. And My personal Life, I choose which way to go myself.

So when you see people stalking around you. Tracking you. They are almost trying to do the same as that man. Drag you into their system. But those people in those cars, they are not the people I am associated with. They represent the system that is dying. They represent the men who will be hung.

It’s a good way to be in life. People that stalk you for intelligence Are not your friends, do not know how to live their own lives and ultimately serve our enemies. I have no hesitation on issuing execution or punishment orders when I can identify nefarious forces engaged in this activity around my person.

It should also be a guide on how to live your life. Try and build something that sustains you. That makes you strong enough to pull away from main stream ‘Pack Mentality’ Systems. If you are sat in a board room waiting for groups of 10 to make a decision, in the modern internet world where a lot of youngsters will be able to gain some financial independence and strength just from for example on-line market places. Then The Corporate way is going to flail. People are going to look for a world where good things are done first. Not Money Things. Or Corporate Things. Or Things the CEO Wants.

Anyways thats what they are trying to do with the stalking. Guide you toward darkness.

We Can’t allow this activity to go on around ourselves. And we Can’t allow it to go on around our children. The men who conduct themselves in this way are far to sick to be permitted to operate in our nations.

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