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Something The Occult Elite Know About Sport That You Don’t.

If you are a Sports Star. Or An Athlete. That Has Reached The Pinnacle of Your Sport.

And You.

  • Have A Mansion Bigger Than Shaqs
  • Have Worlds Prettiest Wife.
  • Have 3 Children
  • Italys Finest Sports Cars
  • Etc Etc Etc

You Are still not respected.

What I wanted to explain in this post is that, the occult elite KNOW and KNOW WELL That the human body and human life is not meant to be used as an extreme sport implement. That Can be a small part of your life. It cant be the end destination. You need something MORE.

How Do I know these things? I Can Look just at the letters. So If I Can just look and scan three letters and know and feel something is Unholy. Obviously the high ups know and know well. So Every commercial force that sends men into a sport that could lead to harm is really a false angel. But More Over, low spiritual forces that use these sports for broadcast spiritual manipulation in our societies are more best described as wicked blue unholy. Really men that send men to play extreme sports know that they are sending men toward probable death, pain or injury. And When I say death I mean both short term and long term. Fast death or slow death.

You are meant to be a healthy man. And you are meant to be a fit man. You have to know how everything works. But the destination is by no means Elite Athlete Fame and wealth. The Destination has to be in mind and spirit.

When I Say I can decode by Letter.

NRL. Its all low Unholy Letters. R is Saturn. L is Base. They know just at a glance that it is all shit low. So as a man what you do on the football field can only be described as retarded. Shit nothing. Fuck all stupidity. If you can make a living that way, so be it. Its how you choose to live. But there is a force, not me. This is not my system. This is above me. That know what you are doing is shit fuck all nothing stupidity. NBA Is The Same. Ass Backward Fucked up Nothingness.

These are not issues of my opinion. These are issues of explaining to society whether what we participate in is good, bad or evil. Or even just something that is meant to be a bit of fun and exercise that has now been way overblown.

So find a way to stay healthy. With exercise and diet. But know your place on earth. If you play footy and are worth a million. It still don’t mean shit. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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