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A Mysterious Teaching #1 – Birth Beyond Babylon

This is the first post in a new post series we are calling Mysterious Teachings.

It’s teaching that the learning is not immediately obvious to the reader.

In this teaching. Basic Things. Early Learnings.

So what is the meaning of the two pillars in Masonry?

One of the ways I read it is challenging someone.

But an alternate read is

‘You are entering a mysterious place’

So if I Pop You In Between a Pair.

Thats what Im kind of saying to you. Im challenging or bamboozling your being
with a bit of mystery. You are now going to somewhere mysterious.

So then whats with all this business about talking stuff about being a christian and what not? It’s an obligation people don’t grasp the depth of.

Whats through that gate?

What’s all this business about talking about the lack of importance of Money? We all live in a world
where you’d swear to fuckin God that you need the stuff right? So why do we bother dwelling on the fact that it’s not the issue?

It’s because that’s what is through that gate. It’s something else. There is something different there.

It is something tangible. It is something nourishing and substantial.

So with your life. Im about to tell a life story where I quit a job and lost some money. You don’t have to put down money if it is going to make your children go hungry. Not at all. Sometimes I mess up in my life and I sacrifice money too early. When I don’t need to.

But what I want you to grasp from this teaching.

That was a big revelation for me. When I could answer the question.

What is Beyond Babylon? There is something else there. Something Mysterious.

So leaving Babylon is not about separating yourself from sin so that you can live a clean normal life. It is about separating yourself from sin so you can go somewhere completely different. Its a different direction in life.

I guess what you need to know is that a lot of people choose to NEVER even explore? What is a societal percentage of people who just close that gate and live from beginning to end never tryings. What happens to some people is they leave that gate too late. And by the time they open it it’s too late to take what it has to offer.

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