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How To Piss off the Cults #1 – Be A Black & White Box Breaker

This is a new post in series i’m calling how to piss off the cults. It’s tips on things that I have found piss off the saturnian cults. If you are feeling like your life sucks now. And you want some comeuppance. These are some of the things you can do.

Sometimes when I make a picture or write something I feel like I have had a real breakthrough moment. This picture I felt kind of a break through. Just because it covered a lot of topics I had been studying.

Anyways you don’t really know if something has been effective unless you can sense an effect can you?

Anyways you don’t know that you have had an effect until there has been some type of effect event do you?

Well with this picture there was an effect event. I won’t spell it out but it PISSED THEM OFF!

What pissed them off? The Box breaking. The Black and white box.

So the Jew masons literally create a false world to protect themselves. And they don’t want our generation living real lives. They are such selfish greedy cunts. That they want you to be felating fags for fiats right? But they don’t ever want you to elevate yourself to being a person of property? They managed to drag Alice into the gallery upstairs and class mobility is not the main topic of conversation in that gallery.

So this image pissed them off because I was telling people to break the false world curse.

How do you do that? You learn more truth. You teach more truth. And you speak more truth. So if you think the only thing you can get to live a good life and beat evil is a big pile of greenbacks. It’s not the case. More study and more truth will make you stronger in the long run.

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