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Some Practical Words About Thailand for a Change.

I wanted to write some practical words about Thailand for a change. I guess I write some esoteric and spiritual stuff, so this one is practical.

I wanted to comment on the Atmosphere of a newspaper article I read just a few days ago.

The atmosphere of the Article was suggesting that because of the shutdowns. The Thai economy and tourism was going to suffer. But the main tone was like a nasty old parent saying, because you have been bad you are not going to get this.

Its true. Some people have been bad. God has arranged them all by geometry over many many years. Those bad people have done things like participate in war and establish systems of exploitation on our lands.

I love south east asia, you can tell in my work. In my personal work I have to be thinking bigger than hopping on and off airplanes myself. The light of our own minds has more value than any aircraft ever will.

I don’t want people to stress about Thai People. Their country is such a green fruit basket that they can close travel and they are not going to go hungry. Its an amazing bountiful land. Also they need to play spiritual clean up sometimes also.

But the point I want to make is that at this point, it is not the sum total of the people of Thailand that are expected to face Gods punishment. Its the people of other lands.

What men have a tendency of doing is taking the sin they have participated in their lives and passing it on to other people. One of the ways they are doing that during our lives is through computers.

So I want Australia and NZ, to understand that the nations of South East Asia are just like our neighbours. We alone can maintain our relations with them. We are wise enough, mature enough and good enough as people to do that.

Im not going to sit here and write my travel stories about Thailand while your children miss their opportunity to actually experience it during their equally short and precious lives.

There is a atmosphere that people in places like America or Israel, places of actual spiritual punishment will not face up to the extremity of the crimes and the extremity of the punishments they will face for committing their crimes.

I expect to see Australia pull itself together in the face of extreme spiritual manipulation out of lands of great corruption. And lead as a mature progressive established nation close to Asia. We can ensure our relations with Asia don’t lead to economic hardship in that region.

We know well where the spiritual punishments for principally war crimes during our generation will fall. Let the punishments fall where they belong. And let the people that have chosen to consume from the right tree get on with doing what they do best. Living.

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