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GPS Stalking Brief

This Is A Brief On The Implementation Of Security Systems For GPS Or Targeted Stalking.

In Essence. As Our Being Develops. It’s Possible For Us To See With The Naked Eye, The Difference Between A Being In Our Presence For The Purpose Of Stalking Who Has Identified Our Location With GPS – And A Being Who Is Naturally Triangulating In Spirit Ether.

It’s Quite A Difficult Thing To Explain, But If You have Read Our Work We Have Covered The Occult Concept Of Spirit In Quite A Degree of Detail.

We Are Not Going To Permit A World Where Our Blood Is Harassed On Our Streets With GPS Technology Or Any Other Type Of Technology That Allows 3rd Parties To Locate Our Being. We Are Not Going To Forbid The Technology Because It’s Proper Use Has A Useful Application.

But It’s Abuse Is Harmful To Our People.

Just Like The Cult Activity In Media, Where It Feels Like There Is A 666 Jew Roach In Your Presence. When This GPS Harassment Technology Is Applied, Thats What It Feels Like. A Jew Roach in Your Presence.

What Beings Need To Know. This Includes Being From Asia, Africa All Nations. And Im Not Saying That At This Point I’m Seeing Such Conduct In Particular From Beings From Those Regions. But Essentially Beings From All Nations. Need To Know.

That Individuals Who Are Coordinating Their Activities While Wearing A Wrist Watch Supplied By A Cult And Taking Dark Phone Calls For Their GPS Coordinates. May Come To Blood Violence. People In My Presence For The Wrong Reason Have Already Come To Violence. It’s Not Just About Me. If This Technology Can Be Applied To Me. We Believe It Is Being Applied Against Divine Blood Children That Are Trying To Grow In Our Lands.

Just To Be Clear, If You A Following Beings Or Taking Your Direction For The Wrong Reason. It’s Possible You Will Come To Violence. And It’s My Observation That On The Streets Of Our Towns There Are Many Vigilant People Really Looking For People Conducting Themselves The Wrong Way. 

The Best Way You Can Protect Yourself Is Being Focused On Your Own Business For Your Own Interest. Meet People That You Believe Are Friends. And Worry About Having Your Own Time. Don’t Focus Your Energy On People Under Brief From Dark Forces.

In Time As Your Spirituality Develops You Will Understand What We Mean We We Say Triangulating Your Being Naturally In Ether, And As You Practice That You Will Be Rewarded For Doing That.

And When I Say Security System. That’s What I Mean. Basically Our Minds Ability To Ascertain If A Being Has Entered The Spirit Ether. If Being Has Been Permitted Through The Spirit Gates. Or If A Being Is A Fallen Entity.

There Is Every Chance At This Point That If You Do Focus On Our People For The Wrong Reason, You May Come To Violence Because Our Watches Are Off And Time Is Up.

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