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Deeze Boys. Dat Holie.

Another post. Sick of working for you people. Have I brought up the topic of remuneration yet? Leave Loading? Super Contributions? No you don’t want to have a conversation about that do you. You are just going to use PB Shemran to fob that Convo off yeah? With all his fancy Swiss Clocks and Watches. Well I’ll be sending Bat signals to Prince Charles. See what he can do about the matter. Maybe he’ll cut me in on some of the old colonial tea plantation money. Actually, I’ll be ok. 

So Folks.

I’ll start this post with some words I often feel like saying to my Father.
I have been nothing but honest with you from the beginning. Every word I say to you I say for you best interests and wellbeing. If you would only try and meet me half way then things would be so much nicer. But does my Father even try to meet me half way? Not always. It wouldn’t seem so.

I can make this post somewhat clearer by telling a story about why I have beef with London. London gave me a job quickly enough. Obviously paying you as little as possible. Then you find yourself in these jobs trying to sell to or convince people who don’t care so much. You have to prove things to people. Things you already well know. After about a year I had probably proven things to people at my company. So you start going on business trips. To meet another bunch of pale miserable whats it whats. Who you have to convince and prove things to. And no one buys. It seems like many nations opened their heart to me and were magical nations. Thats an amazing measure of a nation and their people. How they treat you when you walk through their lands with no concept of their language or culture. When I look back at London I see lots of CIA. Lots of Chaps playing Chess when I didn’t even know the game was going on.

The last words that came out of my mouth when I left England was ‘There is nothing for me in this place and there never will be’. I was walking around some Museum in the middle of London. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the one they run through in the Mummy. Maybe different. I think it was closed and I couldn’t get in. The miserable sentiment wasn’t caused by the miserable time I had in miserable England working amongst the miserable English People. It was just the miserable atmosphere of the miserable City. I looked up into the Miserable clouded Sky and just kind of shivered. Looking forward to getting on the flight.

Generally it is not unusual for me to get the feeling people don’t take us seriously. They don’t believe what you are saying. They don’t believe what you are telling them. It’s what happened with most of my work time in England. If you look at minions it is in large part humiliation sorcery. Why? Because they want a whole bunch of people to not take me seriously. Well. It’s game you can play. But the reason I am posting this is that I think it’s game over. As in I think just now things are pretty serious. Like really really serious. Just two days ago at night I went to the BBC and I was lying in Bed. My Jaw Dropped. I uttered the words (FUCK ME…….JESUS FUCK ME (Excuse Me) GOD FUCK ME(Forgive me)). I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That is the nature of life though people. It’s deadly serious. So I don’t mind so much that people don’t take me too seriously I don’t mind being funny myself. I read a line in I think Isaiah where they are saying a time will come when people disrespect their own kings. I think people have built a substantial body of evidence of that. From England to America and all the way back again.

Anyways. Point is. Just Now. Things. Serious. Hella Hella Serious.

I had somewhat of a spiritual religious Epiphany a few days ago. When It came to the Muslims. This was a really nice download. One of those “Oh! I Get It!” Moments. It’s what I taught you about the Muslims. Borderline Holy. What I was trying to get across to you is that the Muslims Protect the Holiness. That’s their role. Im not trying to disrespect or belittle them. I’m just saying thats what I got from meditating on it. When we were in Egypt as Kids My Pops Joked that all the Arab men were smoking and Drinking Scotch. Not every Muslim has been super holy nor has every Christian.
But from my experience traveling in places like Thailand’s South, Malaysia they do surely make an effort and a comparable effort. Another funny story about Pops. He just doesn’t show interest in the bible. And a few years ago he asks Mum to buy him a Quran for his Birthday. Whats with that?

What I wanted to get across in this post is that It is my belief is that it’s Deeze boys. Deeze Boys. Protect Dat Holie. I don’t like em. At least I don’t like the look of em. I don’t wanna meet em.

I’d say that some folks have at this stage in their life been tested and will at this stage will not make it through that Holie.

Let me elaborate on the concept of care. I have spoken of my pops flippantly saying racist things of black people. The truth is he does it because he knows it gets under my skin. It’s like a immature boy negative attention thing. But he doesn’t realise every time he does it he shits on all of the Scottish People. Because thats not the way Scottish people are as a whole. So there is a component of care in knowing how to use your mouth. 

Now I will flip that story by telling you about what actually happens when you do exercise care. When the bible talks of men giving up the ghost like dogs on the earth. Well growing to 40 and not knowing the power of words, thats a bad place to be but if you practice care you will notice the inverse will happen with your life. You see the universe come forward in ways you have never imagined. 

I learned young that sacrificing a little money for goodness pays dividends. Find out about all the Jobs I quit because there was corruption or just lowness. Sure I was broke, but profited from those decisions. This climb has been steeper the last decade. I have had to sacrifice much more time, energy and comfort before the goodness started coming through. 

I won’t begin to try and outline my views on the intricate workings on the universe. But it’s something like that. Your money doesn’t mean shit. It’s all about the care, the words, the spirit and the intent. When you TRY, you will witness amazing things happen.      

Which now brings us back to that Holie. 

If you like I have been engaged in a little judeo-germano-gaelic-celtic-frenco-norman-york-scottish-ancient-and-accepted-rite-of-free-gay-son-ry. You may have been prone to popping off a joke or two about holy holies. Guilty as charged. Forget about actual doings. Forget about actual actions. Forget about your mistakes and fuck ups. Fuck the buckners. Forget about a few boozy benders. Forget about Temper. Forget about failings. Forget about despicable folk. Forget about folks with bedroom bugs in your butt. Just think about spirit and intent. What has your spirit and intent been in all actions across earth. What have you actually been trying to bring forward in this realm. Goodness? That is what has mattered and that is what will gain you the favour of your creator.  

It is actually a little bit creepy just being – A: A being who cares enough – B: A being who can see the workings of the universe move.

Really creepy It almost makes me wish I didn’t have these faculties.  

The point I have been labouring towards is this. 

That Holy Hole. I’m pretty sure it’s real. Very old. Very important to our people. Long time since entered.

I think it is probably the most important thing that matters. You can’t tell me that they haven’t taught you about it. In every Bible. In many church stained glass windows. In Tom Cruise Films. 

They’ve told you. I didn’t know it was real. But I started throwing around a little Holy Holie Iconography. And now when I hold these three little fingers up in the breeze. I sense it is real. 

Ill start wrapping up with this. You people are so focused on my earthly desires. Ill tell you one of my true lusts. I desire to take one of you insolent, lippy, ignorant cunts. Twist back your fuckin neck. And slit your throat from ear to ear. Watch your blood spill into the earth. It can’t be a lust that comes from me. No one that knows me would pick me as a throat slit kind of guy. But I think that’s what we have done to get through this Holie in the past. I think that Holy Holie causes a little friction at times. So it’s a lust from my old blood that teaches me about what we have had to do to protect that holy and get through it.    

Nothing is going to stop us from doing what needs to be done with said Holy Holie. 

I don’t know what it is I really don’t. It’s deep. So deep I can’t comprehend. Out of my depth here. I think it is something to do with our rebirth. 

Those men. My Guess. Guard that Holie. Those Men. My Guess. Fast Movers.

Based on what I am seeing happening in the light. Some folks based on how they’ve been as beings in their mind and soul. Are going to have a hard time.

So this is the last time I will tell you. This week. 

The long winter has broken. People from all across the lands of earth were called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The souls of those entrusted with the leadership of humanity have been weighed. Those entrusted with the leadership of humanity have not passed their judgement. Those who have been sealed in the books of the living will be joining us to build the new earth. I don’t think that everyone is going to make it. But as I have said before. I hope as many people as possible can. I hope that you appreciate the importance of managing your own conduct at this point. 

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