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You are now entering the gates to the 5th Age. Light.

Have you guys ever read that book Called the Alchemist by Paul Cohello?

It’s the kind of book that you don’t hear about much. Aside from by word of mouth.

This is not about that book. It’s about like that Author blurb bit that I remember from at the start of the book.

The author says, that the words to the book came to him like they were just written on his soul. And he had to get them out from him.

That’s like these word’s for me. In fact. Every now and then. I just have this deep craving in my body. I need to drop these words again.

The long winter has broken. People from all across the lands of earth have been called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The souls entrusted with the leadership of humanity have been weighed. Those entrusted with the leadership of humanity HAVE NOT PASSED THEIR JUDGEMENT.

Those words really started for me when I first started decoding Kubrick’s Shining. Way early in my decoding career. It was when I first had that ‘click’ moment on the winter scenes in that film.

I have just had another major spiritual resolution. Things seems like they are going faster now don’t they?

I haven’t researched this topic deeply. But you know how in Catholicism there is all of this intrigue around the position of the pope? There is the white pope. There is the black pope. There are the popes that have laid claim to all gods kingdom. There are the popes that stand in place of god. It gets really strange when you start studying what a pope is and does.

Do you ever struggle to justify your own position on earth? Your own position in your relationship with god? The popes have obviously all grappled with these topics. And not every one gets on the right side of them. That’s the challenge with God. Getting it RIGHT. We can try try within our selves to be holier. We can Study. We can even get it wrong sometimes. But with the god thing. You just can’t get it wrong with God always. You can’t be on the slack side for ever. You gotta pull the britches up and be sincere about it.

So my resolution was this. We live in god’s kingdom. He just wan’t us to be good people. We literally channel god down in through our being. So instead of thinking about justifying your existence. Contemplate on what the consequence would be if you were not here? What things might not happen? What gates might not be opened with your mind alone?

Maybe god put you here to open the gateway to a whole new age for mankind. Maybe if you didn’t fight for goodness these gates would never open at all?

The most spectacular thing you can do with the human mind is open gateways. Forget all this bullshit about putting people in boxes. That’s one for a He Brew Juice Wine.

I opened another gateway once. I went for a walk in the mountains. And I pulled the light out of their sky. And then one day the gateway closed. And I was sad.

But don’t be sad.


That means I have to teach you one more thing about God’s universe. Before I go to bed. After doing all this work on your Scottish style remuneration package.

Don’t worry about when your gateways close. So be it. Because there is something other than gateways and portals.

There are spiritual reflections. And one day completely without expectation. Smack in the head. A big spiritual reflection from that work. God taught me what that work had meant. I had no concept.

My name is Stuart the Christian. I Sacrificed for you 3 whole drops of my holy holy holy blood.

For the sake of bringing forward heaven on earth.

I have not yet seen an adequate return on my investment.




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